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    1. Già! Già! Photoshop fa miracoli… mi pare abbia aggiunto (atetdencalmenic) una mano anche a Raul Bova, in una campagna pubblicitaria del suo ultimo film: . ^^

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    3. whirlwinder: I knew that when our Muslim-in-Chief was elected that something was not right about him. I knew that he was socialist/marxist and that he had muslim friends but I never dreamed that he would go to bat for Islam. He is in for 100% even appointing muslims in high government places while dropping terrorism from our lexicon. So we have buffoons in Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the Intelligence community that cannot put Islam and terrorism together in a sentence. God help us if we do not get rid of this pretender soon.

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    6. Pitié ! La Cité des Sciences de la Villette c’est bien mignon mais c’est de la survulgarisation, plein de raccourcis et souvent d’inexactitudes complètes. Passé 10 ans d’age, on va chercher la qualité… au Palais de la Découverte !

    7. Replicante Cattivo a me non interessa trovare le contraddizioni nelle logiche d'iscrizione a FB dei miei amici che si vengono a lamentare della violazione della privacy, voglio semplicemente capire se il giocattolo Facebook ha subito una rottura imprevista ai suoi ingranaggi oppure no. Io continuo ad essere sempre più certo dell'errore/leggerezza commesso/a da FB.

    8. Although almost a year old, this post came in handy. I thought I remembered someone saying that TD Bank had a free change counter. I googled and found you (because not knowing for sure what “Penny Arcade” was, I could not find the info on the TD Bank site!) We don’t have a huge amount of change saved up, but my change cup overfloweth and my daughter wants to “trade it in”! I love the post…. We have a TD bank right down the street, and if I did not have an established account with free everything, I would consider switching.

    9. This question is for Tam,but anyone else can chime in.I've never used an IWB holster,and I'm interested in getting one (for a Sig 232 in .380)for when I don't carry my usual revolver.Should I get one like this,are there considerations to look out for,what do I look for,or have you done all my homework for me and I should just copy you?Bill

    10. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

    11. Chara won’t win it due to his hit and the controversy with the NHL and mainstream media that followed. Bummer.On another note – who knew you could lose 10 lbs from extrema diarrhea. Maybe Chara should pass his water bottle over to Recchi so he drops a few lbs with the squirts.

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    14. Oooh, my most hated one is it’s/its. Again, in your mind if you can say “it is” than go with it’s. Otherwise skip it! And listen to podcasts like the Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Grammar or Grammar Grater from Minnesota Public Radio or things like Just Vocabulary or Merriam Wibster’s Word of the Day or Podictionary (all available on iTunes!). There’s my push to get you thinking about those litle things!

    15. Here an users' idea/request to make youtube a better place: stop suspending LittleKuriboh his account. He helped making youtube what it is today (well, not sure if that's something to be proud of, seeing that you're deleting all anime-related videos these days).Stupid stupid stupid.

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    1. “it wasn’t too bad, and the first 6 months were ok too. &#28e1;Th2y’d have been more honest just to give her a guided tour of an abattoir and say “it’s like this, but with no sleep for a year.”Gotta say, if there’s anything that made me glad I don’t have two X Chromosomes, it’s witnessing that whole process.

    1. Oh friend, YES YES that is it. That is the hard to wrap our head around but TRUTH. He loves us in the place of “agony spilling” daily. Oh your words stir my heart in a deep place. Love and prayers to you. So much love and so many prayers to you. What a fragrant offering. Your words are worship to Him. And I am there to worship beside you. Humbled that you were here. Grateful that you were here.

    2. Meh, I just mentioned it as a good way to see the mountains here – at a casual pace or otherwise. I can't imagine traveling to run the auto road, seeing the rest of the range, and not wanting to do more.Be careful with the shin. Glad to here it's feeling better, but don't overdo it.

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    5. Has the IE browser ballot fundamentally changed market share though in the web browser market? Was it not already diversifying because other browsers don’t suck for functionality (let’s face it, your average Joe doesn’t care about security within browsers) and speed of response?

    6. Je comprend le principe… j’ai jamais dit qu’il n’y avait pas d’attirence… mes amis gars je les ai pas pour rien Mais je sais qu’on est capable de se « Taponner » sans nécessairement dégénérer. Et si ca dégénère c’est justement pas si grave. (quand tlm est célibataire) C’est un peu pour ca qu’en couple… je n’ai plus beaucoup d’ami

    7. un credincios spune:In inima mea credinta a fost cultivata de acesti preoti pe care unii ii ponegresc. De cand ma stiu nu am simtit lipsa preotului. Si cand am cautat unul pe care sa-l am de duhovnic, nu mi-a luat mult sa-l gasesc. (Iezechiel 21, 26) Multumesc pt raspuns si pt ca nu ati sters mesajul.

    8. Lynne loveliness.  This is my first time commenting on one of your outfits.  This outfit is amazing.  The many splashes of white, pink, and burgundy are all just outstanding together.  You are a beautiful flower with this Spring outfit, truly blossoming with beauty and loveliness.

    9. That's really interesting. I'm not surprised about housing and transport, nor food. But reading is HALF the amount of tobacco?? Amazing. In my household I think the amount spent on books is more than food!!! (Mind you, I suppose we're forgetting borrowing from libraries which isn't reflected in the chart, of course).

    10. Não deveria ser necessário os cidadãos apresentarem estas propostas! É óbvio que a câmara já deveria, há muito tempo, ter retirado o estacionamento deste largo. É lamentável que os munícipes tenham de pedinchar para obterem o básico do bom senso! De qualquer maneira, os meus parabéns pela proposta – na qual vou votar. Boa sorte

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    13. them in a way and to an audience that unambiguously promises that those rights belong to them – as regards America.Then, the most evil part, he leaves out the critical part. He says “endowed with unalienable rights”, instead of “endowed BY THE CREATOR with unalienable rights”. Do you doubt for a minute that if it has said “by Allah” he wouldn’t have left it out???I don’t know what this guy really is, be he is no kind of Christian I ever heard of.Start at about the 20min mark and watch for several minutes. See how far you get before you puke.Does anybody remember how to do an exorcism?

    14. By that standard Allison, and I probably misread you, the appropriateness of the war and winning ( whatever that means) is not important. What is important is that the military works within itself well. That they have been given an incredibly difficult to impossible mission, past the point of diminishing returns, people dying, wounded, fleeing the scene, is of no import. I probably misunderstand.

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    21. Fidel Hererra Beltrán tiene mucho que aportar al caso de Regina Martínez. El ex gobernador inundó de zetas$$$$$$$$$ el estado y los protegió$$$$$$$$$. Regina investigaba a ése grupo criminal y ya sabía mucho. Herrera Beltrán puso en el cargo a Duarte de Ochoa como actual gobernador para taparle los desfalcos financieros que dejó aquél y encubrir a los criminales. En Veracruz, muchísimos empresarios, políticos, lavan dinero del narco. No conviene indagar mucho…

    22. 24October 9, 2012 at 7:01 pm151Great review Joe. I love the game but I agree there needs to be more customization. The customization options they added in this one are appreciated but if they aren’t going to develop the characters then they might as well go all out and give us full customization.ce

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    29. “These people believe that the welfare of the human race requires a deep restructuring of the way the economies of all our countries work.”Because that was always the goal; AGW was just the means. In the 1960s the means was Revolution, in the 70s the Long March through Institutions, in the 80s anti-Reaganism and Social Democracy, in the 90s Clintonian Triangulation, but in the 00s, AGW. Don’t worry, these people will be back, they’ve always been with us and always will be. Just the means will change.

    30. Tamarisk, thank you for this. This is so important. Perhaps not in this community, but in general, the message is that if you grieve or show emotion over the “little stuff” it’s because you’re too sensitive. How about if you’re just sensitive enough to allow your body to do what it needs to do to heal? Our bodies know, and when we let them have the processes that are natural, instead of denying or repressing them, we get to move forward in a healthy way.

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    3. Hi Mandi,Since we are a steakhouse we have lots of gluten free options, all of our steak and grilled fish is prepared without flour, as well as several salads. We do not offer a sugar-free dessert at this time, however, we can offer a seasonal fruit plate.

    4. The irony bristles.“I’m sentimentally attached [to the “I Can Has Cheeseburger”]”…especially the day I stole the name from Caturday internet macros. I wonder if anyone called Fark.com to say…“hey- just a head’s up I’m naming my signature cheeseburger after your submitters memes”Next week I’ll be opening my “Cliche’ Kitty” disco and signature Flying Spaghetti Monster brewpub.

    5. faire terminer les enfants plus tôt, c’est bien. Môman n’a qu’à être à la maison pour les acceuillir et leur permettre d’aller suivre des activités à leur rythme… comme en Allemagne ou les mères sont généralement femme au foyer. Par contre, si maman travaille, là ca devient complexe et… cher! le bien-être de l’enfant, certes, mais il faut prendre en considération aussi sa famille…

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    12. before, style is not like PF. You’re only “doing it wrong” if you don’t end up feeling like yourself. Or, I suppose, if you go broke trying to be stylish, lol!My style is not everyone’s cup of tea, obvs. The point of the accompanying photos is to help illustrate certain things (how to mix patterns, how to use belts, etc.). And because Joe is always, like, “more photos, pls!” haha! But I don’t believe in prescriptive style – telling people specifically what to wear or how. In the end, it’s your confidence that makes or breaks an outfit, and you can’t buy that

    13. – Claire just wanted to say fair play on this project – the shots have been great and it’s heartening to see how well it’s going after your early concerns. I’m a bit jealous of the motivation you’ve shown, especially in the middle of January!!On a random note could you recommend any good beginners digital photography classes around Dublin?

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    16. Joel Rivera / Kuba OstaJobs and Gates were already a success before Algore invented the Internet. As for McKenyans speech, he know nothing how business works, and who creates business. The experts that know are the ones who started from scratch and built all the way up, without brother governments help. His speech was off the cuff, unscripted, and inarticulate with poor choice of words. He needs to stick to the Obamaprompter.

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    1. It’s gotta be b).. insensitive butthead.I was laughing at the antagonism because according to sources I’ve read, this was a picture taken while he was being sworn in.It’s an attitude I prefer. You may characterize it as lack of judgement, but I call it a I–dh’togive-a-FF-what-you-tnink judgement. Why else would I click “publish your comment”? At least I was honest about my reaction. Look at the look of disgust from the guy below him – that’s you. The guy laughing – me. Inside joke – NOT. TO. BE. TAKEN. SERIOUSLY.One gets labelled a neo-Nazi enough times…If others on GoV care to rip into me.. that’s cool too.

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