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  2. Hi Gauri,Thanks for the suggestions..I will try them next time. I generally use water sauteed onions and tomatoes to make the masala paste in my zero oil recipes. And you’re right! The paneer here is made the same day, so many times, it is not even necessary to fry it. It’s just a personal preference. Some people prefer the crunchy exterior.Keep visiting!pragati

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  4. Dear Keith,Thank you for your comment. I agree with you – it is a completely innocent and harmless activity. My heart broke when I read that the harsher judgements of this type of behavior by some parents reminded you of your mom. That must have been extremely painful for you. We humans do all sorts of things in ignorance or with the belief we are doing the right thing, when in fact we are causing damage. Sometimes the best we can do is listen.

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  6. Dear. Ryan, Hope to fly out of. Balto on thurs for the Melbourne. Concert! This will be my. 4th. This year ! Everyone gets better! You are such a talented young man! There is a lot of devastation. On the east coast! I had no destruction and when I came home. I had power. God was good to a lot of us! I pray for those that lost everything! We had extremely high winds and driving rain! I slept with 2. Dogs And a cat on my at my friends house, so I was safe! Lol. Take care of yourself ! We all love you to pieces!

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  13. Bonjour, Prof Denis! As I read this in my backyard here in Southern California, it is already tomorrow where you are. Travel true and stay safe! I find myself wishing that your route would somehow take you through these parts. How I would enjoy a picnic and a chance to hear your story and travels! But the blog does the journey justice. You are in my thoughts these days. Jamie

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  15. / I would relate Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth to a husband slapping his wife.( I am not condoning either)What I am driving at is Harbhajan slapped someone junior and obviously helpless to retaliate. To clarify – would he have slapped Dravid or even a Tendulkar if provoked?( Not that Tendulkar or Dravid would behave badly).Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth is a reflection of the society in general.

  16. love passing books on, and think this is the reason that we'll keep physical books around after e-readers have gained widespread prominence: it is difficult to share an e-book. A physical book can be shared again and again and again. Christine – woman, you gotta stop embarrassing me over the internets. Also, if I get the book I'll then forward it along to you, oks?

  17. he’s an amazing orator who fully supports the abortion industry and they fully support him. why won’t he bring “change” to our baby killing industry? why does he support that staus quo? but i ask that of anyone who supports “choice”?God is goodjpu

  18. I saw these videos when I first started on the 811 diet. I was concerned but at the same time, I don’t have orthorexia or problems with eating the way these people have. These diet issues need to be discussed in any and every health forum. Simply to educate and to help people navigate the pit falls and issues that drive them toward a diet or big lifestyle change. Open dialog is sooooo important. 

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  29. Considering that only maybe 2-3% of people carry regularly, and this guys number is likely significantly deflated, I’m not surprised at the low number of successful DGU’s compared to overall assaults. Add to it that we tend to remove ourselves from bad situations before they happen, i.e., avoiding sketchy people and areas, and maybe we really do a good job making good things happen in bad situations.

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  67. I just got ‘Season of the Witch’ this week. I’d read good things about it in other places. I’ve also got ‘Heartsick’ on my shelf thanks to your recommendation. Will let you know what I think of either.I like the sound of ‘Flood’ too – I’m not a big fan of sci-fi end of the world scenarios, but those with a natural leaning appeal. And I do like apocalypse fiction.

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  71. Thanks for this reminder. Somehow, it's better than I remember. Waaaay ahead of it's time. I don't know if we're ready for a remake even now, but it wasn't as bad as everyone wanted to believe at the time.It worked for the British series Viva Blackpool, but bomb in the American remake Viva Reno . . .An acquired taste perhaps. More acceptable in Glee than with cops?

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  98. Interesting post. Up till now I only thought of proxies as a way to engage in illegal activities (or at least gray area activities, like posting on Facebook when one should be working), but I think you really have a point on protecting privacy by browsing through proxy. But as you noted, this can be tricky, since the owner of the proxy can see everything that goes on there…

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  101. Thanks for this post. I would count Hellerman’s new book as a hopeful shift in the Church’s uncritical embrace of the secular leadership culture. I’m not sure I can add to the great insights already posted here in the comments, but I think there’s 1 other factor in people keeping quiet about toxic leaders – they genuinely believe they are responding in submission, or that leaving gracefully is somehow a more “christian” response. We’ve not done a good job of modeling healthy Christ-like confrontation, as Jesus encouraged in Matthew 18:15.

  102. Great post guys! I have two “favorite” houses on my short list, oldies but goodies: 1) Fallingwater by FLW; and 2) the (second) Gordon Smith house by Arthur Erickson. Both of these projects left big impressions on me when I was a kid, when I was just starting to realize what architecture is all about. Wright and Erickson were both masters of fitting homes to difficult sites; you cannot imagine either Fallingwater or the Smith House without the physical context that prompted the specific design response for each.

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  122. A veces se llega a extremos ridículos… por ejemplo un "guardia jurado" es un término válido para ambos sexos porque el término "jurado" no se refiere a ser "jurado" o "jurada" sino a que es una persona que ha hecho un juramento para desempeñar su profesión (al menos, en origen, era así). Por eso decir "guardia jurado" y "guardia jurada" es absurdo.Saludos.

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  124. it was like a disfunctional university research dept, no work ever got done, observational results were altered to fit computer models and there was a track worn in the floor to the coffee machine. They still won't tell us why the nuke contamination blamed on Chernobyl was there at least a year before Chernobyl blew*.I guess "climate disruption" research depts will be the same?****The silage bales from the summer before were hotter than the chernobyl year's