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  1. I must admit, I just discovered your sweet stamp designs/blog and would love to be able to win one so I could participate in more challenges. I am entering my card since it does have butterflies on it but I'm not sure if you HAVE to use one of your stamp designs. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to joining you more often.Creative Wishes,now followingClaire S.www.scrapmyway.blogspot.com

  2. Jack, here is “Sovereign Grace for Dummies”1. The “elect” person is irresistibly drawn to Christ2. He is infused with some vitalizing agent – kind of like getting a shot3. The shot begins to work and transform his life4. If transformation does not occur, the shot was never received (the person was never saved).

  3. gen: i checked out your new space! so have you done the brain test yet? i reckon yours is yellow or something equally sporty…allan: aaa HA! sharing a brain explains why i can’t concentrate some days- obviously thats when you have it!invisible: vis- you are indeed cool beans and i’m glad i found you! you can add my mind to your linky list…

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  7. araaroceu: que nome estranho… quase parece uma divindade pré-romana… é? Não sou bem “iberista”, sou mais “reintegracionista” se há que dar nomes mesmo às coisas… estou nos trilhos… não estou é devidamente bem… e com a devida atenção… coisas de homem Ocidental!outsider: como prometi, lá voltei ao tema… prometendo achas mais práticas nos próximos posts!

  8. Well, cheers to no brain tumor! Living is the new black, I think…I feel the same way…bored of being bored. So no more! I’m going to braid my hair like the chicks on the Hills do and see how stupid I look. And then I might even blog about it. so eff you, boredom!I. love. your. blog. XO

  9. link a sette pseudomassoniche a parte, io con l'Uno non mi ci trovo tanto, c'hai anche la preghiera per entrare in contatto, che so, col Quattro, o NUOVO ABBONATO? :'D(non ricordo più il tuo soprannome, sii felice di sapere che da oggi sei ufficialmente il NUOVO ABBONATO, oooh NUOVO ABBONATO!! :'D).Poi l'agente doppio tra rosacrociani, rivoluzioni colorate e compagnia danzante a colpi di slogan obamiani e preghierine, sarei IO…ma porca… :'D

  10. Drove over Red mountain pass the other week, million dollar highway, for the first time last week. Very impressed with the amount of truckers driving past us, hoping that their breaks hold. We went from Telluride to Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek is by far one of my favorite mountains. The terrain is good, not the easiest mountain and not the steepest. Really just the feeling the mountain gives off, no hotels, no big resort ski schools. Just snowboarding

  11. Unnskyld..men har vært sÃ¥ sløv pÃ¥ bloggen at jeg ikke har fÃ¥tt med meg at du er i sååå dÃ¥rlig form..Kvalme slapp heldigvis jeg nÃ¥r jeg var gravid….Ønsker deg masse energi,null kvalme & verdens fiiineste jul… Stooor klem fra Randi

  12. Love your thoughts here. I think you are right on. If we never get to the person of Christ in our conversations I think the conversation just makes us feel good about ourselves but does little for the other person. We need to believe that the message of the gospel has the potential in itself to change a heart when the Spirit is working. The ’100% try’ deal is a serious challenge that would be awesome. I love to know you are proclaiming in PDX and doing your best to Keep Portland Weird!!

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  17. Patrick,I’m not even pushing social acceptance for Goths; getting over the impulse to take on a persona that screams “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” is a necessary part of the process of growing up. What you choose to do in your bedroom, or at a special, private event such as a convention where you are among your fellow nuts, is your business. People who wear their Star Fleet uniforms on the street worry me.

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  20. Go to the source: give all the information (workshops, newsletter, facebook group’s) we can, from de experts on psychology, human development, neurosciences, engineer, etc…to the parents. It’s the best way to organize the access to the virtual world, from the beginner.

  21. reward system is a good system. but i think there is an underlying flaw in here. i feel that JM die hard fans will get a lot of thumbs up and AG fans might be at a disadvantage. I am neither so there is no prob for me….but the point i wanted to make is that whether u have a control of who is awarding the points? and can i be eligible to award a point even if my thumbs up is in the -ve.@Tony Gloverhi frnd . u will see a whole lot of new bloggers here….a few emotional ones and a few rational ones …so it will be an great experience to u and for us as ur views add a different dimension…anyways welcome to bluechampions….Reply

  22. Es correcto, el decreto de honorarios para notarios establece los honorarios por matrimonio en cien mil colones minimo. Pero tambien puede ir a un Juzgado de Familia que corresponde a su domicilio, donde se efectua el matrimonio sin cobro para los interesados.

  23. Hi preethi………wow you sure have a fan following lady……..thanks for stopping by . Im new to this space so can really do with all the encouragement I can get……..Id like to make one suggestion to your paalak paneer……dont add adhrak and red chilli powder……this changes the color of the paalak to make it look brownish green………also a must to preserve the green color is that once you blanch the leaves make sure to run them through cold water…..Another trick to keep the paalak lookin green…………..

  24. Thanks for sharing. I wish there were national non-profit networks to help their chapters with slaughter regulations and to be our advocates & to promote natural meats. organizations like ceritfied naturally grown would be a good fit, for example. Funding obstacles, trying to run a small business, all while playing next to the corporate giants that can afford the zealous government directives, is all very challenging. Thanks again.Craig- Small pig producer in TX

  25. Det är sant att många har fel syn på Ms. O många blir förvånade att man kan må bra ändå. Men jag tycker att det är lika viktigt att nämna att man kan ha problem det motsatta, att man faktiskt ser frisk ut fast man inte är det. Att de fysiska problem man har kanske inte syns eller märks så bra o därför kan vissa ha svårt att förstå att man faktiskt är sjuk.

  26. Thank you Jenn for hosting Julie’s wisdom here. And to Julie for sharing your depths. Your response to those overwhelmed with not knowing is perfect, representing a balance and the possibility of holding/dwelling in mixed states of awareness. Beautifully written and a lovely introduction to who you are and what you give to us.

  27. Kevin,I’m still interested in your response to my comment #62.Also, maybe this gets at the nuance that seems to be provoking all the questions a little better:Would you say that there are certain ways of “exercising oversight” (per 1 Peter 5, and Andrew’s comment) that would be appropriate for certain individuals, due to their recognized position of overseer, and, at the same time, inappropriate for others, due to their lack of having a recognized position of overseer?

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  30. Hi GuysFrom what I can see this is a really great app! I have jsut downloaded the trial on the iphone but have yet to take it flying. Looking forward to the update as this sounds as if it will make it complete! Just one question – When flying does the map orientate itself to your track or will it always point North.Thanks again – I’ll certainly be buying the app / ipad soon!

  31. The Hornblower books, definitely (O’Brian stole tons from them, and never would acknowledge the debt; the Hornblower books don’t have the richness or the historical perfect pitch, but they’re great adventure stories.) The Lord of the Rings. Narnia. Prydain. (I grew up reading fantasy, and I still read them with pleasure, and read them aloud to my kids.) Dickens’ novels are comfort books for me. I love all the books you mention, except I’ve never read Robertson Davies — maybe that’s what I should pick up next!

  32. could you tell me why the judge who was used to dealt with Bode George in Lagos was offered the appointment of Osun State chief Judge as a first choice at a time he is far behind others? Well, NJC knows better, thats why NJC rejected the list and asked the judge to disappear. Dont let the ACN and their leaders deceive you, Lagosians knows those that are corrupt and those that are framed up for political purposes.

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  34. “Shellacking” was the President’s assessment.As for what’s “negotiable,” and what’s not – TBD. Obama can say whatever he wants for public consumption, but Republicans (and even Democrats, e.g., see Earmarks) will have their own non-negotiable list.The election of an overwhelmingly Republican House marks the end of “progressive” policies for the next two years.You keep looking at he polls. What you need to remind yourself of is the results from Election Day 2010. It’s both the last valid poll, and it determined the make-up of the legislature. Everything else is just SPIN.

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  39. Hello _li, I can’t agree with you more. The “symbolical” from the subtitle is quite relevant, and you’re absolutely right – voronoi just got picked on because, well, it’s probably the most common example. The problem goes much deeper, as you very well said it – there is a clear trend running speculatively wild with different theories/algorithms/pseudo-science which are blindly applied to architecture – and usually, if you go behind the nice renderings, you find a quite strained and unfunctional product.

  40. Emo tem franja na frente dos olhos, a tua tá em cima. =BBien bien, eu também desisti do que eu dizia querer ser quando era criança por causa da.. matemática.. e física, ao contrário de ti, de química eu gostava. Eu queria ser meteorologista ou paleontóloga, e por causa dos números, migrei pro jornalismo que, aliás, faço mais por admiração do que por vocação.Números realmente são muito chatos.

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  42. . (-: Anyway, I love your photos and post because it’s often the only street art i get to see when others blog about it. I think graffiti, street art, it can all be a very valid form of expression. Some graffiti is meant to hurt others or express hatred, but i’ve seen so much beautiful graffiti that makes me think “art”! thank you for posting this.

  43. What about the hoo hah about Heinz removing the ad showing the New York Deli bloke kissing the other bloke. Apparantly all the gays are boycotting Heinz products AND all the anti-gays are boycotting them too. Holy moly.Anyway the latest is that Heinz are bringing out a Baked Bean & Pork Sword variety to appease the gays.And Baked Bean & Curtain of Beef variety to appease the homophobes.Ooooh extra suce matron?My word verification is spematozoa.

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  49. Cool! I’m guessing takeoff was a lot quieter because it was fueled for a short IAH-LAX flight rather than IAH-LOS or DEN-NRT, and the plane was a lot lighter than what the engines are built for. Were you able to see what E+ was like with people sitting 9 across? Legroom shouldn’t be an issue, though shoulder room might be tough. ” Today was the inaugural flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner” … actually, that was over a year ago Kind of weird to me that it took this long for a US airline to get the jet.

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  54. mariela3-23-2011 Me encanto tu post… directo y divertido. Y de acuerdo contigo.. el Centro de convenciones vale verch `para conciertos ya que todo es de metal y el sonido rebota terriblemente, ya habia ido antes a un concierto alli y valio vergo, pero pense ya que hay tantos conciertos hoy en dia ahi.. que lo habia arreglado, pero no.. Q tal si empezamos un boicot al CCSM hasta que por lo menos pongan alguna alfombrita para mejorar el sonido.

  55. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo…las rebajas son agobiantes!! Aunque tengo que reconocer que cuando viene alguna amiga mostrándome "el chollo" que ha encontrado…me pregunto por qué no tendré más paciencia…Por si fuese poco, por motivos de trabajo debo visitar tiendas y…no te haces una idea lo dificil que resulta trabajar estos días!!Un besico sin rebajas…jijiji

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