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    1. Beautifully written and permanently etched on my heart. This story reminds me of two of my father’s sayings:“The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.” and“Do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do in God’s eyes, not because of the accolades that will follow.”Thank you for provoking me to seek out what I MUST do today.

    2. Esta distro como muchas mas segiran desapareciendo porque no es rentable mantenerlas, a los desarrolladores lo que les interesa en primer lugar es ganar dinero en segundo si da tiempo contribuir en algun proyecto de software libre; pero en los tiempos que vivimos no estan para darse ese lujo

    3. El éxito futuro de una idea o proyecto novedoso está en la capacidad de las empresas de compartirla con sus socios e implicarles en su desarrollo.Unicamente a través de la comunicación fluida de ideas y la colaboración entre empresas y personas se pueden alcanzar metas verdaderamente competitivas. “Cuando yo doy, me doy a mí mismo”.Walt Whitman

    4. Great post. Some of your points are not the choice of the retailer, but of the publisher. I think we’ll move closer to a common platform after a while, but if publishers don’t have the rights, or don’t wish to make a book available in a certain format, or a specific country, the retailer can’t do anything about it.

    5. SNL 1965, where I live, we can’t have gambling. Our Governor is against any form. But we have a casino one of the biggest in the U.S. that has just added a 5600 square foot wing on. It had before the added wing, 1500 electronic gambling machines. But we can’t play Bingo, go figure……As a matter of fact I just got through blasting off about this, and the fact he is fighting a place that will add around 100 new jobs, he’s fighting it tooth and nail, oh but we have Sunday alcohol sales, what’s wrong with this picture??????? Is one worse than the other?

    6. I use many teas! Right now I’m going through an Earl Grey kick. The heavy matcha teas tend to be too heavy-tasting for me. For this page I stuck to a mug of cheap green tea that I let steep too long. Which I love. So deliciously bitter!Although I wouldn’t say the tea so much provides oomph as the ability to not fall asleep.

    7. ringrazio, tuttavia, mi restano dei dubbi, verbi gratia: pur ammettendo che si debba rimanere fedeli alla Scrittura, ed appogiarsi su di Essa e non sui dogmi, Essa parrebbe proclamare che la Rivelazione sia bell’e conclusa (Apocalisse 22, 18-19). Questo mi sembra in contrasto colla possibilità di una nuova rivelazione ad uno o più nuovi profeti.

    8. Maha, if ever there was the right place to post a screencap, it was here! I completely missed the FOY attacking the camera lence! Must rewatch and perhaps make a gif.I didn´t like the ginger dude…the pale skin and that flaming hair…not my cup of tea, gives me shivers! (btw I have a god son who´s also ginger, and I fear my disgust is showing on my face…plus he´s a kid and boy…triple NO), yep “hater of kids” FIN.

    9. FIN DE REGNE ! ça y est on y est une fin à la jeanne mas titer sur tite minable sans originalité et singles tous les 3 mois plus aucun gout du silence un album tous les ans , pour moi pas d’achat de best of d’une décénie sans saveur except la belle parenthèse bleu noir où elle a essayer de faire différent adios  retourduroi

    10. I’m definitely guilty of many of these. I for one have never ever washed my make up brushes, I’m now ashamed to admit this *eww*. Although I dont wear it more than 3x a month, I’m going straight home today & washing those things ha-ha. I’ve also gone to bed with it on although I try to remove it as soon as I put on my pj’s cause then I’ll forget. And…I’m a blemish picker

    11. Those of us in Wiltshire have been cheering you on, and learning a lesson or two. Thanks for all the hard work you have done – not only for Gloucestershire, but also on behalf of us all. You have created a precedent, and it will be harder for other counties to take a scythe to their libraries now.

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    14. god I still love this car. had a nearly new 2003 Altima as my drivers ed car, always wanted one. i just bought a 2011 Kia Optima which I love, but I know that one day I’ll buy one of these Altimas for cheap as a beater/second car lol

    15. Great points, Julie. Another thing to consider is that it’s not even initially (necessarily) a readability issue, but the appearance of readability. If the reader is presented with a resume that has a small font and no white space, the mind is likely already thinking “this is hard to read” and the eye has no place to focus.Thanks for helping to get the word out. The recommendation to increase the font size, make sure there is white space, and use two pages if that best showcases your talents comes up often with my clients.

    16. Gloria a Dios que todavía existen siervos de Dios que mantienen la sana doctrina, sigan adelante, en contra de la apostasía y oremos al Señor para que su pueblo no siga enredandose en estas falsas enseñanzas de los actuales Falsos apostoles..Dios les bendiga

    17. that instead of putting straight up chocolate at the bottom, that I should melt some with some of the panna cotta and do a layered dessert. I think he’s right – the chilled chocolate was hard and difficult to eat. I meant to do a second version using his suggestion, but ran out of time. So, if you try it – try it that way and let me know what you think.

    18. யாருக்குமே புரியல, சத்தியமா உங்களுக்கும் கூட புரிஞ்சிருக்காது.எதிர்க்கனும்னு முடிவு பன்னிட்டு இறங்கினா அங்க தர்க்கம் இர001000ுக்காது குருட்டுத்தனம் தான் இருக்கும், இது அறிவியல். உங்ககிட்ட அந்த குருட்டுத்தனம் மட்டும் தான் இருக்கு.

    19. You actually make it appear really easy with your presentation however I in finding this topic to be actually one thing which I believe I would by no means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I am looking ahead on your next put up, I¡¦ll attempt to get the cling of it!

    20. Goofy Gaffy and Kim Jong the witch are dead, but cult of personality and infantilism live on. And never forget the Obamessiah cult in 2008. Worse, the media, which is supposed to be free and critical, gave Obama the Kim Jong Il treatment in 2008 and even now in a way. But then, we don't have a democratic media but oligarchic media controlled by a certain small elite.

    21. I’ve been on the PS3 website for over an hour and there is no option to contact sony or directly ask them a question, only forums and FAQs which are not helpful. The US site has a ‘contact us’ option, but that doesn’t really help me. I’d prefer an email address or website, not a phone number. Thanks.

    22. Håller med, tycker faktiskt att det här året så har kenzas stil varit ganska ful. matchat konstiga kläder och färger. Känns som om hon inte har en egen personlig stil utan klär sig efter modet hela tiden och kopierar andra.

    23. Les filles aiment le rough aussi, c’est juste qu’elle ne le dévoile pas.Ya sûrement plein de filles qui se demandent comment ça se fait que leur chum ou leur prospect les traite comme une poupée de porcelaine quand ils baisent.

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    25. Cette montagne est au coeur de la vallée de Ferghana, mais aussi de la ville d’Och, ville trimillénaire. Connue d’Alexandre le Grand, Gengis Khan, Tamerlan, Babur et de Manas. C’est aujourd’hui toujours un centre commerciale très important. Son bazar est un des plus beaux d’Asie Centrale. Mais aussi un centre de tension entre des groupes ethniques très différents les uns des autres. Au plaisir de vous y voir.

    26. Hi Carol – great to have you on board! I like bittersweet too. I don’t know anything about cultivating the wild plants, but we tried to get it started in our yard by buying some from a nursery. We got both genders, but haven’t seen any flowers yet. Apparently, I’m not the right person to ask for help on this one! If you do buy it, be careful not to buy the invasive one (oriental bittersweet). Good luck!

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    29. You always help me to look at the way I am doing things and realise I could do it better! Thanks, Tonya, I am going back to all my designs and re-examine them!!! Not to mention push the envelope on any future designs that I might come up with!!! I especially like your checklist idea!!!

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    32. Thanks admin! I watched the whole tutorial and it erases/reformat everything? Errr… I don’t want to go through all the hassle of backing up and such. Anyway this weekend I might try this when I have back up all of my files. Thanks again and very much appreciated!

    33. This guy does a better job doing 4 things at once. Driving, holding a camera & recording, & popping zits. Much better than many that I have seen on here, where they just have to hold & record. Good job dude. And oh yes by the way you have some darling eyes.

    34. the box is also weirdly dimensioned, in that the width (thickness? girth?) of the box is smaller than any other box i’ve seen in all my years of cereal eating. ”++++God I fucking hate that. Not to go all Andy Rooney, but y’all are noticing this trend of “same price, smaller package” and how it’s actually getting worse? It’s not a new idea, but it’s all over the place now. Cereal aisle is the worst, but also the fuck-ass soda and beer companies pushing 4-packs over 6-packs at inflated pricing. Fuck! I’ve become an old man. Shoot me.

    35. A Pastilha Bloco de Esquerda PS não passou!!é grave a votória?em democracia vai ser um período de mais 5 anos.se "o povo é quem mais ordena" foi apenas mais uma gracinha para continuar a fazer risquinhos na parede, com pézinhos no ar.linda a percentagem de abstenção….É de sugerir para as próximas eleições que o mote seja " Provar Portugal" com urnas de voto espalhadas pelas mesas das almoçaradas e jantaradas com a presença dos candidatos. Todos ao molhe, com ou sem cartão, com ou sem o respectivo nº!!

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    37. Earlier today, I declared it Lovefest Thursday. So it's time for some love: You rock. I appreciate your honesty, even if you think it's TMI. I am glad you're feeling better, though! Also, digging the HIMYM & Clueless references – I've been watching both endlessly on Netflix lately.As for the outfit, I love it. The dress would probably be cute enough on its own, but the vest just puts it over the top. The vest also goes beautifully with the glasses – it's a great, laid-back, just-a-lil-nerdy vibe, which is what I try to get in my own outfits 🙂

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    40. Is it bad that you like your lower score in Klout? I agree with you Grace, the personal connection part can’t be weighed. Some months everyone is reading your posts/tweets, other months it’s your devoted following. But Klout has no concept on counting when someone reads something in your blog and passes info to someone else IN PERSON or on the PHONE. Your reach could really be MUCH greater. Hey, I’m just happy they put me in a happy sharing place! LOL

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    41. In a spirit of ecumenism, is Abbott going to appoint some Christian Scientists to counsel people about the use of transfused blood?After all, Christian Scientists are, like catholics, very humane people dedicated to doing God’s work and to living according to their religious teachings as they interpret them.And the fact that Christian Scientists are against blood transfusions will allow people who may consider being transfused to rethink their options.

    42. I think the most importnat point you made was that it’s better than nothing. Too many people settle for less than what they’re capable of. In order to avoid criticism and judgement they make choices that go against their own values. When I look at the amount of ups and downs that have been pat of my journey sometimes it makes me cringe. But then I think about what I was meant to do versus what people think I should do, and realize that every decision from the past was the right one. Every time we dwell on the past we let it control our future. Reply

    43. Sharon, Thank you for your kind and supportive words.I’m not only blessed to have a nice relationship with my mother, but also by the beautiful souls I have met on this journey, you being one of them. You inspire me.

    44. « Point n’est besoin d’espérer pour entreprendre ni de réussir pour persévérer » a dit je ne sais qui.Je continuerai à signer des pétitions si je les trouve.Mais là c’est l’horreur à une autre échelle que la gueule du poisson blessée par un hameçon.Je n’en excuse pas pour autant la pêche mais ma sensibilité est moins interpelée.

    45. dit :Bonsoir Argancel, Merci pour ce retour encourageant. En ce qui concerne les coupures, j’en place une chaque fois que je change de sujet ou lorsque je présente un exemple ou une théorie, cela permet de rythmer le tout et de relancer l’attention je trouve. De plus j’alterne, en plaçant la vidéo un coup à droite, un coup à gauche (c’est pour cela qu’il y a une bordure )… lorsqu’on fait une vidéo de plus de 2 mn, il faut trouver des astuces pour maintenir l’intérêt. Bonne soirée

    46. CMe- I agree that the C's are a little copycat-ish, but I would have bought the sweater without or without them on it. I love the style and the buttons on it. I think a lot of their season's stuff is Chanel-inspired, but I don't have a problem with it because unlike designer knockoff purses, I don't think anyone buys or wears WHBM merchandise in order to make people think it's Chanel, and that's the difference to me.Lindsay- I apply studio fix with a MAC 150 brush 🙂 it's the best! A sigma 150 is great too.Nerdy Katie- what samples did yours have in it?

    47. Love the graphic Jamie, I can see how the changes in the way you present this information will help people not only get it faster, but also move beyond the intellectual understanding. The things you have shared with me have not only made me stronger and more resilient, they are there with me every day – I may not always catch myself in the moment though

    48. Vous vous exposiez à ce genre de commentaire, Mr Leverrier. Il était manifeste que de nombreux Français sont résolument opposés à l’autodétermination et au libre choix des peuples arabes plutôt qu’à leur conduite ferme sous la main d’une dictature plus ou moins éclairée, qui a leur préférence, lesdits peuples étant visiblement considérés par eux comme barbares.

    49. This a good post, but it’s really hard to live. I recently joined a mom’s group that has a very diverse population in order to be a light. When you talk about opening your home, which I have done, it’s scary, because it involves your children. It really has to be a step of faith! It is also so hard to be salt and light in this current culture that is so hostile (and I mean HOSTILE) to Christians. I need God to give me wisdom (and hold my tongue sometimes)

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    52. The brain is a wonderful thing. Re. my previous post: The town was Beslan, and the date was 6 September 2004. Once I remembered Beslan, I could find the other details.It wasn't completely clear from the news reports exactly what set off the final killing, but it was strongly suggested that it was the armed parents who precipitated it. And if it was my child in the school, would I have been any different?

    53. Thought you might find this interesting: I watched a story on the French news last night about companies in Italy, like Nestle asking their older factory workers to work less hours for less money so that younger workers can be hired from the large unemployed work force.

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    55. I think Niccolo is ghos- writing Obama’s plays actually.hahahaha!I may be a Dostoyevskian idealist…..but my president is not.He is a Machiavellian pragmatist, just like you, Highlander.You should love him.Now, your much vaunted Sarah Palin….continually comes off as Bottom the Comick Rustick, I’m afraid.I see their knavery: this is to make an ass of me;to fright me, if they could. But I will not stirfrom this place, do what they can: I will walk upand down here, and , that they shall hearI am not afraid.

    56. I used to be able to share lost and found pet links but have recently started receiving messages that what I am trying to share cannot be posted on my page. I can share it on my personal timeline, but not on my page. Any ideas about that? I am only having trouble with one organization, and she’s as flummoxed as I am about the problem.

    57. தேர்தலை புறக்கணித்தால் மட்டும் போதாது இந்த போலி ஜனநாயக அரசை தூக்கி எறிய வேண்டும். அதற்கு புதிய ஜனநாயக புரட்சி வேண்டும். புதிய ஜனநாயக புரட்சில் ஓட்டுப் போட்டு தேர்தெடுக்கபடும் பிரதிநிதிகள் தவறு செய்தால் திருப்பி அழைக்கப்படும் உரிமை இருக்கும். அதிகாரிகள் திட்டங்களை செயல்படுத்தாமல் இருந்தாலோ à001000®Šà®´à®²à¯ செய்தாலோ கண்டிக்கப்படுவர் திரும்பவும் தவறு செய்தால் பணியை விட்டு தூக்கபடுவர்

    58. Ein sehr interessanter Beitrag. Hier zeigt sich wieder einmal, dass man nicht am falschen Ende sparen sollte. Einige Unternehmen versuchen leider auch mit betrügerischen Mitteln mit dem gestiegenen Umweltbewusstsein der Menschen Gewinne zu machen. Im Hinblick auf das enorme Einsparpotential beim Strom (im Beispiel satte 180 Euro) sollte man daher lieber auf hochwertige – wenn auch etwas teurere – Produkte zurückgreifen.

    59. See, if I were President and had a posse of Field Negroes in the Congress, I'd bring the ruckus. Or get shot.HA-HA glad your ideas of reducing costs had so many comic book references to them. Thats where they belong. Your typical sterotypical violent hippie crazy ideas show you haven't got the faintest clue how economics, national defense or in fact anything works. You would have us on the street begging for food or at least those left alive….What in the world do they teach you in your courses? How it's NOT made?

    60. We got this toy for our son when he turned one recently. Several weeks later, he still plays with it (or “works” on it!) every day, unlike just about any other present he got. We leave it propped up where he can crawl over and play with it on his own. He has gradually been figuring out some of the ways to open some of the doors, but there is still a lot to figure out. If your child loves to play with mechanical devices and take things apart as much as ours does, then s/he will love this latches board.

    61. Nesta my dear chapwe monkeys ought not flick our tails at tigers….I think Thommo might have stolen that idea from someone else but can’t remember…’how we managed the don’ or something…..only joking…looks like I gave you a dorothy dix…perhaps you should send mimi some flowers re plaigarism as she was rather closer to the mark than you gave credit for…

    62. JeÅ›li bÄ™dziesz miaÅ‚ czas i chÄ™ci poszperaj w necie oraz w archiwum „Wysokich Obcasów”, bo pamiÄ™tam, że kiedyÅ› zaczytywaÅ‚am siÄ™ w tekstach, które relacjonowaÅ‚y o takim sposobie życie Amerykanów. ByÅ‚o tam mnóstwo porad oraz przepisów. Ja bym postawiÅ‚a na owoce. Na bazarach można znaleźć niemalże za darmo jabÅ‚ka lekko poobijane, które po obkrojeniu w blenderze można przerobić na pożywny mus. Możesz do nich dodać także marchewkÄ™, którÄ… siÄ™ zajadasz. Wiele rzeczy można przetworzyć, może warto pójść w tÄ™ stronÄ™?

    63. Jul10Jennifer It’s really a nonsense of what they’re doing. Especially for those in Form 1 this year. They’ll need to study the subjects in BM in Form 4 & 5. That 2 years will be critical for them cos they need to sit for SPM. Then Form 6, they’re back to English. What’s on the Government mind. Nuts. Why don’t they just stick to English and don’t let the next generation suffers.

    64. Slt, J’ai un Toshiba A200-INF (PSAE6).J’ai viré Vista et j’essaye de mettre XP, j’ai donc intégré les drivers SATA dans le cd de XP.L’installation se passe bien mais lors du premier démarrage après installation, écran bleu (juste après apparition de la barre de chargement) qui ne s’affiche que 0.5s environ donc pas le temps de lire …Quelqu’un a une idée pour moi ? Merci d’avance.PS : j’ai pas envie de réinstaller Vista !

    65. Since I’ve only been a hockey fan for a few short years, I’m pretty unfamiliar with Muller. However, after watching his press conference the other day and seeing his wide eyes and ear-to-ear grin, he looked generally excited to be taking over the Admirals. Just watching that and seeing his excitement gave me a really good feeling about him!

    66. Jeff, this time you read too far into things. I agree that God chose the whole situation that includes both candidates. I believe he is omnipresent not omnipotent, he gives us the situations and we are given free will to choose the outcome.

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    51. Was zum Teufel hatt der Kerl da im Mund ? Naja ich denk mal wieder bloss ans schlechteste. Aber schlimmer wärs doch , du googelst nach dir und es kommen Bilder von Hartmut Engler! Ah! Willkommen im Abenteuerland.Also doch lieber solche Typen. (By te Way , ich hab in meinem “Blog“ ne Zusammenfassung der 2 Schuljahre geschrieben , kannst ja lesen wenn du Lust hast, ist zwar nicht so der Brecher aber recht unterhaltsam)Gruss

    52. Cindy thank you so much for sharing this. thank you for keeping it real. I can’t imagine how difficult this all is, but it is so good to see all of you smile – even your dad. we love you all and are praying fervently for her healing.keep us posted, as much on you, Jess and your dad as on your mom. Im thankful for the times we’ve had with all of you and looking forward to more.Terry

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    60. If there are any Danes amongst the readers, can you please say how much awareness of the subject exists in your country?Much awareness. We have probably the best public debate about Islam & immigration that exists anywhere, and the fact that a major newspaper features this article prominently is another brick laid in the road to sanity.Our Politically Correct Elite still shows strong resistance, though.

    61. Nov27 Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s hard to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say that you’ve done a very good job with this. In addition, the blog loads very fast for me on Firefox. Superb Blog!

    62. Custom search is awesome. We’ve been using it for a while now and have only just started to appreciate its power. Seeing more advances and importance given to it with moves like this is great. Creating a supplemental index should help greatly especially in regards to freshness and more obscure/difficult to find pages (though we’re pretty lucky in that regard).I have some other suggestions, that I think would go a long way towards improving the custom search program. They would for us anyway!I tried to write it in this comment box, but it got too long, so I put it in

    63. I never knew that Toronto was such a haven for good food. My father lived in Montreal when I was growing up, so we spent our summers there, and I remember the local food being chips and gravy topped with melted cheese – a winner I thought at that age!! I love the sound of the maple mustard, was it grainy? I have been trying out mustard making for a local company who are having me test their recipes at home, I never knew it could be so much fun. Maple mustard sounds delicious, especially with anything porky.

    64. Of course the Japanese think Dokdo is theirs. The Japanese government deliberately publishes and distributes false maps showing the islands as Japanese even though the world recognizes the islets as Korean.These maps show how dishonest the Japanese government is. Shame on you Japan. We’ve caught you in a lie.

    65. Thanks Aerin!!!Actually, there are some French people who dislike English-word-borrowing (as discussed ), but most are resigned to it and/or recognize that in the end word borrowing enriches the language. The main reason the English language has such a huge vocabulary is because of so much borrowing from so many languages.Plus, little Nico really was a good sport to do this tour of Bordeaux with me, wasn’t he? He was starting to look a little bored by that last one, but he was kind enough to model all of the local sidewalk cafés… ;-)Thanks Freckle Face Girl!!! 😀

    66. Russian is half Moslem already population wise, and Putin took Russia into the OIC which is todays Caliphate, of 52 or 53 members. Russia is an hononorary member now, after trying to join, and did make it clear when it was accepted that it wanted to work with Muslim countries. Obambi is leading the USA there too.

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    70. Saud Al Faisal (ministro degli esteri saudita) si è espresso in favore di "soluzioni immediate" contro la minaccia iraniana. Gli aerei con la Stella di David useranno eventualmente lo spazio aereo saudita e ciò scatenerà gli sciti contro i sunniti in uno scontro fratricida. Che poi Erdogan con il suo ministro degli esteri sia in Spagna mentre arrestano i golpisti lascia pensare che non si sentiva del tutto sicuro nel rimanere nel suo paese in questo frangente.

    71. david dit :tres belle idee les pony pony run run…le meilleurs groupe electro rock du moment avec shaka ponk…oui, ce sont eux avec revolver (aussi) qui represente le mieux la culture rock francaise à e jour… à noter ue PPRR c’est :un zenith complet…40000 albums vendus en 6 mois….et oui!!!!!PLUS DE 400 CONCERTS EN FRANCE des dates à l’etranger etla victoire de la musique en 2010…..

    72. Justin,I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. It is unjust that people are prevented legally from sharing their own property with others. Nonetheless, keep searching! Perhaps a solution will present itself soon. Remember, "fortune presents gifts not according to the book."Best regards,Jeff

    73. Szia! megcsináltam ezt a próba feladatot és tök jól sikerült. de ez van olyan nehézségű, mint a vizsga? jövőhéten fogok vizsgázni és akik mostanában voltak ismerőseim mindenki azt mondta h nagyon nehéz.ez a feladatsor és ami a telces könyvben is vannak feladatok nem vészesek.

    74. Localities are not interested in cost-benefit calculations for roads as long as they are not on the hook to pay for them and they get all the economic benefits instead of an ROI to the fund that built the road.When localities are directly responsible for the road costs – as they are in 46 other states, all Va towns and cities and 2 counties, there is a lot more due diligence in looking at road costs vs economic development benefits.Virginia’s big problem is that localities have no skin in the land-use/transportation game.

    75. Nathaniel was why I kept tuning in,,,,I still reckon he’s done the best rendition, “I Got a Feeling”…and continued to be a star….I reckon people feel someone like Nathaniel is a given, and forget to vote.. well, Guess I’ve stopped watching,,,its called the x factor,,,which he is,, and got Xd….ridiculously…and his mentor could of saved him…

    76. leticia comentou em 18 de abril de 2011 às 14:34. eu estou com meu snob da mac tem 2 anos e está com aquele cheiro de “AS” (remedio pra criança de dor de cabeça), como se estivesse super novo e ele está na metade ainda, pq nao uso toda hora….gosto de variar, acho que o batom da mac dura bastante….2 anos e está como se fosse novo…

    77. P,You have been running your mouth pretty good for the past few days. So I’ll take your bet and raise it. The only poll you need to be concerned about is the one that will occur on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November 2012. My chips are all in on the President.

    78. Ο/Η Dan λέει:Dear Admin,some friends alerted us your site used all our photos (that we posted in another amateur site) without our permissions.this is the gallery Please remove them!!!Probably you didn’t know it and maybe a very bad member of your site used it without you know it, but me and my wife don’t allow this.We wait your reply as soon as possible!Thanks for understandingD&A

    79. Excellent post. My littlies are still small enough to shelter and not worry about these issues too much. I do think, when the time is right, that I will have to teach them how to be safe. You can’t bubble-wrap them forever. Hopefully, I will have taught them well enough and guided them to make safe decisions. It’s a scary and wonderful world out there

    80. 611A me sto pezzo è piaciuto, irriverente alla Leo Ortolani (“questa era tutta campagna” indicando il mare) , piacevole, leggero, fresco.Evidenzia nella maniera più maligna ed allegra i problemi degli handicappati e delle loro famiglie.Seguendo i post ho notato diverse opinioni in merito (sia pro che contro) e credo che ciò sia un bene: con il dialogo si analizzano diversi punti di vista e di conseguenza si cresce; l’unico dubbio che resta da svelare (e questa è una lacuna da parte della redazione) è se Veronica lo succhia o no.

    81. 16-01-2012 Thanks, Angela! Good for you counting your walks. I think making yourself accountable is the best way for most of us to stay on track. I’ve begun writing down everything I put in my mouth and I know exactly how many calories, protein grams, etc I’m getting. I know when it’s okay to have a treat of some kind and I can see a huge difference in my behaviors now.See you Wednesday!

    82. Hey Chanson,Some interesting books on Soviet life under Communism are the books written by some of the authors who could not get works published by the government. One interesting book is Kolyma Tales by Shalamov, Also "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov. The first is about living in the Gulag, the second , is a critique on Soviet society, censorship and atheism. Add them to your reading list.

    83. This just in from the Things That Make You Go Hmmm Department: the amateur radio portion of Yaesu splits from Mother Motorola while the land mobile portion stays. This is right on top of an announcement that Yaesu will pursue a digital amateur radio offering based on land mobile technology (i.e., definitely NOT D-STAR). The K0KDS blog has the details, so go there for the full story.

    84. Ainda critica este gajo o Cavaco. É ainda mais rancoroso do que ele!Tà bem, bem me parecia que um anjinho era o Hitler. Quanto ao cego e burro, absolutamente estúpido é um tipo vir para aqui dizer que as empresas têm que ser entregues aos trabalhadores para serem eles a geri-las. Ninguém vê é onde é que esse exemplo deu frutos até hoje. Ele há cada um…

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    1. Chichen itza, tiene en su historia, una de las culturas mas grandes del mundo, ademas la cultura Maya es mágica y los lugares son muy bellos, con un hermoso clima, fauna y flora como ninguna,por ello como mexicano, creo que México debe formar parte del grupo de las nuevas siete maravillas. Voten por Chichen itza, voten por México.

    2. Praying for you all on my face over and over daily.I lost my dad to cancer at Christmas and so many of your updates are repeats of what we went through.Also, we are an adoptive family.Your story tears a hole in my heart for all your family is going through and little Abby’s pain. Will continue to stay on my face before the Lord for your family!

    3. 你好, 謝謝你寫這個程式,剛剛試run 結果有點問題,我是將txt檔名放在c2 c3 ,合併excel資料後產生boook1 可是裡面卻是空的,我試著放再b2 b3 會出現偵錯 => Workbooks.Open Filename:=Excel.Workbooks(WorkName).Path & "\\" & Filename '開啟檔案 麻煩幫我看一下 謝謝 ( btw 剛剛重寫意見給你因密碼有誤所以不知道有沒有送出去 ,若有收到其他封 很抱歉造成您的困擾 .. >_<")

    4. Why did the drafters of the AIA choose a time period of more than one year prior to the effective filing date as a limitation on the prior user right under the AIA? I surmise that the drafters intended to exclude the possibility of reliance on the prior use defense by someone who started prior use activities after learning about the invention via an inventor disclosure within the one year grace period under §102.

    5. Hi Ari. I have read about you and your blog on the Daily Mail UK and it really is a good inspiration that you have decided to dedicate yourself to these women with style. More than that as I have watched your youtube videos these women who have inspired not only you but many of us are complete inspiration to life itself. Real Glamour and Elegance is very hard to find these days and Im happy you found them for us. Kudos to YOU!Mykee; Philippines 🙂

    6. mud: elbows are still part of the game today like standing in front of a player and trash talking. Much rarer than the 80s or even 90s. A lot of those clips guys were face to face not running by someone delivering a blow to the head. Different game now no one knows what ron was thinking or if it was reactionary or not or what punishment he should get. What we do know is halfway through his celebration he threw a elbow that was meant to do some type of damage.

    7. – That is cool. I bet noah going to be a good drumest in the furture when he becomes a teenager. I bet he can use his skill on the drum for priase team when he become a teenager. Noah has a great gift from God. Well have a nice day. God bless your family!!!!!Joe Chong

    8. Je crois que le mieux est encore de s’en remettre à sa propre capacité de discernement. On n’est jamais si bien servi que par soi-même…Les auteurs populaires trouvent prétentieux les « grands auteurs » et ces derniers méprisent les auteurs les plus lus parfois pour cette simple raison. Le problème n’est pas neuf. Au lecteur de faire son choix parmi l’offre pléthorique.

    9. I love these colors. They all go together so beautifully in your post. We never had a winter (except for a horrible, damaging freak storm in October) and we always have snow! Today was sunny and uncommonly warm so these images were perfect.